Monday, 2 August 2010

Brown Love...Buy a Tape, all 4 of you!

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Monday, 14 June 2010

OH thats really nice

Pigeon Post review of the Douche Fest and us Brown Brogues

In a city obsessed with past glories, it’s been a strange few days for Manchester’s nightlife. First, the Monday night staple of Up The Racket appears to have been abandoned after 6 glorious years, whilst Sex with Robots has called time on it’s time in the city. In the time that the two have been around, a lot has changed within the city – not least the opening of FAC251 opposite UTR’s spiritual home of Joshua Brooks – and the city’s music scene looks a lot healthier than back in 2004. For one, the variety of venues around the centre is enormous compared to only a few years ago, with The Deaf Institute now holding a monopoly on the best gigs, meaning that Jabez Clegg mercifully rarely gets a look in anymore.

Down in Fallowfield, The Corner has been holding a little revolution all of it’s own, though. Earlier this week it played host to the inaugural Douche Fest ’08, giving up it’s awkward stage for the most exciting talent from an emerging DIY scene. Though wayward time keeping and ridiculous bus companies kept me from going, the line-up still serves as a guide for what’s great in Manchester at the moment, with the ever-present Mazes headlining and D/R/U/G/S, Hyacinth Girl and Dinner Party in support, it’s the kind of show that will keep me awake at night in years to come, wondering why on earth I didn’t get there three hours early, just in case. Brown Brogues would’ve definitely be worth standing alone outside a venue in Fallowfield for.

The project of two brothers, Mark and Ben Vega, the brilliance of the tracks on their myspace is beyond ridiculous. It’s certainly noise rock, but not in the traditional sense – there’s a lot in common with some of Magik Marker’s work, but on the faster numbers you can see the signs of a harder, angrier No Age. There’s a slow, menacing quality to their tracks, each and every strum measured and delivered with this sense of foreboding. There’s fuzz all over the vocals, but compared to these visceral tracks, the whole lo-fi pop genre sounds positively twee. Whilst two pieces like Japandroids seem intent on making up for their relatively sparse set-up by making as much noise as possible, Brown Brogues are happy to let the space in between add to the creeping atmosphere of their songs. Word has it that they’ve already put out an EP entitled ‘Nobody Dies in Paris’, but there are sadly no links with which to get it online. However, in the only recorded instance of MySpace being useful this century, the duo appear to have teamed up with The Graveyard Shift to put together some new tracks, whilst another set at The Corner (this time supporting Harlem) is due on the 13th.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lucky Lads...shows we've played in the last 6 months or so and whats coming up!

16th June - The Corner fallowfield w/ Harlem
3rd May - The Corner Fallowfield for Medicine Shop
2nd May - Trof NQ w/The Pharmacy

Been and Gone:
19th April - EOM show on ALL FM for Paddy Steer
17th April - Deaf Institute w/ The Strange Boys
9th April - The Tudor w/Former Bullies
3rd April - Big Hands (The Wagon) w/Chopping Wood and The Graveyard Shift
24th March - Tumbleweed Jumble sale @ Font w/Milk Maid
20th March - EFF TEE ELL @ Fuel w/ Paddy Steer
5th March - The Tudor w/Castrovalva
1st March - The Corner for the Medicine Shop w/Former Bullies and Cargo Cult
22nd February - Satans Hollow for Big Dig w/Chopping Wood, Cargo Cult
23rd January - Retro Bar w/Cargo Cult
29th December - FictionnonFiction @ Tiger Lounge
17th December - Bay Horse w/ Golden Grrls and Former Bullies
15th December - The Corner w/Waiters
12th December - ZAP Festival @ Islington Mill w/Loads
26th November - Penelopes Sheffield w/Joe Lally (ex Fugazi)
6th November - The Tudor w/ Former Bullies and Waiters
26th October - The Corner w/ Electricity in Our Homes
14th October - The Corner w/Sic Alps, Irma Vep and Former Bullies
31st September - Pout @Tiger Lounge w/ Hyacinth Girl, Waiters and Former Bullies
27th July - Big Dig @Tiger Lounge ......(First Gig as Brown Brogues)
17th July - Pack Horse Leeds w/ Former Bullies (as Living Sickness)

and a load more shows that I've forgotten the dates many with Apes fight Back, one with Kong(as Pout), Loads at the tudor and some in Manchester with a different drummer.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

So much to tell

Wow, hey gang, long time yeah? So we had a gig last night at Font bar in Manchester as part of the tumbleweed jumble sale and i was pretty bloody stoked to get on up for that happening. But dispite the lovely lukes ( best efforts we didnt actually get to play. We were told we wuz too loud, plus no music license yadda yadda, but anyway we got to play a stonkin house party courtsey of Cargo Culte (


We are playing Big Hands the 3rd April and Trof NQ 2nd May with The Pharmacy ( theys from amerika.

We also played and A-MAY-ZIIIING night with Castrovalva in wigan (I KNOW!) and they are playing again in wigan (I KNOW) next Thursday.

Later Hot Freaks

Friday, 26 February 2010

touch my valva

So yeah we played a nice gig at big dig. It was at satans hollow, which is a very surreal place to play, maybe if your a metal bad you might fit in but its quite wierd when your playing the sort of music we play. There was some sound issues, i.e i couldnt hear the guitar or vocals, but i just had to hope i was in time, and it seemed i was. its always a good gig with big dig
Anyway next gig next friday on home turf the Tudor in wigan with Castrovalva, should be good. Stay tuned

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I warned you it was coming, and here it is. Brown Brogues on video, welcome to the nineties!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Video Killed the, errr radio listeners?

Phhew, just working on Brown Brogues' first vid, its setting up to be totally awesome, but boy o boy is it laborious. It's basically a big edit of loads of clips from odd little doolallies from the past, and luckily imovie on mac isn't half bad. I could go into this more, but i'm getting board of writing about it after spending the last five hours hunched over my comp.

So anyway watch this space, ooohhhhhoooo (ghost noise)

Monday, 15 February 2010


Buzzzzt! Brown gigs coming up, so far...

BIG DIG with Cargo Culte and Gypsy Lips !FREE! 22nd Feb - Satan's Hollow, devil horns-a-go-go

THE TUDOR with Castrovalva !FREE! 5th March - The Tudor in Wigan

TROF N/Q with The Pharmacy !not sure! 2nd May - Trof Northern 1/4

Audience, come on down!

Friday, 12 February 2010

We need a Hook

A brogue brainstorm has been conducting for a while about the next step in brown history, i vote costumes


Hello, or as you would say, hello. First off what the hell, who the hell, is/are Brown Brogues? BB is a band from Manchesterrrr with two people in it, we like to play Garage music to other people. What? why yes we do have a myspace, it's we also have a facebook, which is probably redundant now because of this blog.

Stay tuned folks for more of this junk!