Thursday, 25 March 2010

So much to tell

Wow, hey gang, long time yeah? So we had a gig last night at Font bar in Manchester as part of the tumbleweed jumble sale and i was pretty bloody stoked to get on up for that happening. But dispite the lovely lukes ( best efforts we didnt actually get to play. We were told we wuz too loud, plus no music license yadda yadda, but anyway we got to play a stonkin house party courtsey of Cargo Culte (


We are playing Big Hands the 3rd April and Trof NQ 2nd May with The Pharmacy ( theys from amerika.

We also played and A-MAY-ZIIIING night with Castrovalva in wigan (I KNOW!) and they are playing again in wigan (I KNOW) next Thursday.

Later Hot Freaks